Our Tech Stack

Take control of our code.

We always strive to keep our stack simple and in line with industry standards.

Technology at its finest

In our applications, we use plenty of open source and robust software like Ruby On Rails, Stimulus JS, Babel, PostgreSQL, Redis, jQuery, RSpec, Bootstrap and many more.

We love technologies that have proven themselves over the years. We embrace stability and boring technologies that get the job done.

Circle CI

We love our boring stack

We love Ruby on Rails, we love our Majestic Monolith.

Ruby logo

Ruby on Rails is our lifestyle.

Because we enjoy working on clean code. We don't like complexity or over-engineered stack. We believe we have the best tools to make our customers happy and to make better features.

Robust and fast

We don't need new fancy tools that pop up every day. We want tool that make the job done.

Long term vision

Rails has been here for decades now and it is still leading the innovation when it comes to new features.

Everything we need

Rails is a full-stack framework. It ships with all the tools needed to build amazing web apps on both the front and back end. One developer can write feature from specifications to production.

Optimized for happiness

Rails has united and cultivated a strong tribe around a wide set of heretical thoughts about the nature of programming and programmers.
Ruby logo

PaaS architecture is our standard

Because our architecture is simple, our infrastructure is. Since the origin of the company our applications are served by Heroku-like hosting providers, today it still fits our needs.

Security and peace of mind

We rely on our providers' expertise to serve our applications on secured environments, to keep servers and database components up-to-date.

Maximum portability

We maintain several isolated hosting providers to meet our business and security challenges. We have a long and strong experience in such process, always following a stable architecture and industry standards.

Modern era of development

We are following the 12-factors methodology to develop, build and run our SaaS applications. One single code base to rule the whole thing with minimised divergences.

Deploy at lightening speed

We don't need outrageous labyrinthine system to operate our applications. We limit ourselves to keep things simple within the acquired perimeter.

Meet our engineering team!

  • Jean-Michel Gigault


    36 years old

    Passionate about Web development since I was a teenager. I joined Per Angusta in 2015 as a trainee Ruby developer and I am now its committed Head of Technology.

  • Marine Iuso

    Product Owner

    35 years old

    After 4 years at L'Oréal, I joined Per Angusta as Product Owner to build the best of product for Buyers.

  • Guillaume Briday

    Lead Developer

    29 years old

    After 7 years as Web Developer, I'm a contributor on Rails and many other projects. I joined Per Angusta as Lead Developer to build up the team and construct the product.

  • Thomas Mordin

    UX Designer

    36 years old

    UX Designer for more than 4 years. I joined Per Angusta as UX designer & Front-end developer to improve the interface of our applications.

  • Benoit Duvignaud

    Senior Full Stack Developer

    30 years old

  • Camille Alin

    Full Stack Developer

    28 years old

  • Rudy Varloud

    Full Stack Developer

    28 years old

  • Maïté Armengaud

    Senior Front-end developer

    33 years old

  • Alexis Crozier

    Junior Developer

    30 years old

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Some of our routines

We have well-established routines, with an agile team that is ready to work remotely or at the office.

📊 Stand up
Every morning, we meet as a team and present individual challenges to collaborate and problem solve together. We update our board to know what everyone is working on.
🗓 PO Weekly
Every week, the tech team meets with our Product Owner to follow up on each collaborator's hot topics and to update priorities.
📢 Demo day
Every Friday at noon, the whole company is invited to attend presentations of new features and developments and encouraged to provide feedbacks.
🎙 Tech team session
Every week, the tech team meets to talk about our organization, tools, and important topics that need to be communicated to the entire team. All collaborators are invited to bring topics to this session. We also share what we learned to the team by doing presentation with slides.

Want to see what our Tech team sessions look like?

Guillaume gives a talk about the new technology Hotwire that is now installed by default in Rails.

Our development workflow in brief

Each change made to our platform is reviewed by two different pairs of engineers, triggering 32,000 tests throughout our continuous integration process.

Therefore, we have the capacity to develop proof of concepts and quickly bring them to the clients with little risks.

📝 Specifications
Say no to most suggestions to extract what is really needed for our business and customers. It is very important to not bloat the application and UI. It always could be debt reduction or performance improvements.
🧑‍💻 Development
We always open Pull Requests to update our code base. Developers need to be sure code style and tests are still passing and if the feature respects the PO specifications.
🕵️ Review
With one or many reviews from most experienced developers of our team, we ensure that the code fit in the current application with the correct architecture and security validations.
✅ Tests
Our continuous integration and continuous deployment increase our confident on detecting potential bugs and regression. But changes are always validated by human before going to production.
🚀 Release
To release code, we rely on PaaS infrastructure. We are developers, we want to focus on code and to deliver best features to our customers.

We are a team of passionate, bold and authentic team players, committed to our company's values.

Jean-Michel Gigault CTO, Per Angusta

Everything you need

What you get when joining Per Angusta

Short list of what you can get at Per Angusta as team mate.

Passionate coworkers

Join a team of Web passionate developer that love beautiful and robust code.

Right tool

The freedom to choose your tools (laptop, IDE, etc).


Get a mentor to help you during your onboarding and your formation.

Strong community

Get tickets to tech conferences.


Training and support for tech writing and public speaking.


Join our Tech team session every week.